Foreign PLKS holders married to local citizens can be deported

 KUALA LUMPUR: Temporary Work Visit Pass (PLKS) holders cannot marry local citizens as stated under the Immigration Act 1956/63 (Act 155).

 Those who violate the law can have their PLKS pass revoked immediately and be deported from the country.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) informed the State Islamic Religious Department (JAIN) that it will not approve any application as long as JIM does not allow it to do so.

 He said, basically, that is one of the standard operating procedures (SOP) set by the religious and immigration authorities on the issue of marriage between locals and PLKS holders.

 JAKIM’s spokesperson said that so far all states use the same SOP, which is to only allow marriages to take place after obtaining permission from immigration.

 PLKS is a work permit for foreigners to work legally in this country given to seven sectors for a period of one to 10 years set by the government, in addition to special features displayed on the individual’s passport.

 The pass is only issued after the employer has applied for a Visa With Reference (VDR) immigration either online or manually.

 Foreign workers will only be allowed to enter the country through a gazetted entry point using a VDR issued by immigration and an entry visa issued by the Malaysian Representative Office in the home country.

 After all the necessary documents have been approved, upon the foreign worker’s arrival in this country they must be picked up by the employer at the country’s entry point within 24 hours of arrival.

 For the purpose of issuing PLKS, employers are given a period of 30 days to carry out health checks on foreign workers at a health center registered with the Foreign Workers Medical Examination (FOMEMA).

 The permit is only issued after the foreign worker is certified healthy by a health center registered with FOMEMA. If a foreign worker is found to be unwell, the employer must send the foreign worker home immediately by applying for an Exit Check Memo.

 The validity period of PLKS is for 12 months and an extension of the validity period can be applied for three months before the expiry date.

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