Fake passport, visa agents arrested

The Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) has successfully busted a document forgery syndicate in a Special Operation carried out on 14 February 2024. The operation started at 2.00 pm involving a team of officers and members from the Intelligence and Special Operations Division, Putrajaya Immigration Headquarters and Team Special Tactical (PASTAK).

The operation team has been organized to raid premises around Petaling Jaya, Selangor and premises in Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur.

Based on complaints and intelligence carried out for two weeks, the operation team has managed to track down and arrest an Indian man and a Bangladeshi man aged between 28 and 31. Both the detainees are suspected to be the ‘main mastermind’ of the syndicate. They do not have valid passports to be in the country.

Also arrested during the investigation are two 28-year-old Bangladeshi men who are believed to be members of the syndicate. They do not have valid Passport and overstayed in the country.

The operation team seized four copies of Indian passports belonging to other people, a copy of an Indian passport suspected to be fake, a copy of a Pakistani passport belonging to another person, a copy of a Pakistani passport suspected to be fake, a copy of a Bangladeshi passport, 26 pieces of Temporary Work Visit Passes (PLKS) suspected to be fake, two pieces of CIDB cards suspected to be fake, two laptops and a printer.

The syndicate’s modus operandi is to target citizens from source countries such as Bangladesh, India and Pakistan who have problems in Malaysia such as lack of identity documents and visas. Suspects will find and approach those with these problems and then offer services such as fake passports, fake PLKS and fake CIDB cards. This syndicate is believed to have been operating for one year and charges around RM1,000 for each passport copy, RM500 for each PLKS and CIDB card.

All illegal aliens were arrested for committing an offense under the Immigration Act 1959/63, the Passport Act 1966 and the Immigration Regulations 1963. They were detained at the Putrajaya Immigration Depot for further investigation.

The Department will continue to take strict action against any party found to have committed an offense under the Immigration Act 1959/63, the Passport Act 1966, the Immigration Regulations 1963 and the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Migrant Smuggling Act 2007 (ATIPSOM).



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