Escaped prisoners hide in residential areas

Tapah: Residents around the Bidor Immigration Detention Depot area, here, are worried that the depot detainees who escaped, yesterday, are still free, especially when many foreigners also live in the area.

The resident Helmi Nomawi, 43, said that his worries and those of his neighbors are doubled because the area around here is full of foreigners including those who work legally in this country.

Helmi Nomawi

According to him, the situation makes it difficult for residents to report to the authorities whether groups of foreigners seen around this area are escaped prisoners, or foreigners who came to Malaysia legally.

“This area seems to have a lot of foreigners working, in addition, the surrounding area is currently being developed with housing projects equipped with shopping centers and bus terminals. In addition to many gardens and farms around here with the average number of workers being foreigners.

“Even in the mosque here, many of the worshipers are seen to be foreigners. So if you want to identify between the foreign prisoners who escaped and the foreigners who entered to work legally in Malaysia, it may be difficult,” he said when met yesterday.

Acknowledging a similar matter, a retiree who is also a resident of this area, Musa Manap, 66, said that the escaped prisoners did inappropriate things to obtain basic needs since of course they escaped with only one piece of cloth.

“During the day they may not go out but when they are hungry or at night they may go out to look for food and other necessities including in the houses of the surrounding residents,” he said.

Meanwhile, another resident, Aziz Bah Meruang, 45, said the discovery of Mynamar prisoners caused concern among the villagers.

“It is worrying because many (prisoners) have not yet been found and this kind of thing has never happened in this village, especially because there are also many teenagers and boys in this village,” he said.

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