Employers who exploit foreigners face seven strict actions

 PETALING JAYA – Seven actions will be taken against employers who exploit foreign workers.

 The Minister of Communications, Fahmi Fadzil said, the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) and the Ministry of Human Resources (KSM) have worked together and will take very strict action against employers who take advantage.

He said, seven actions will be taken against employers like this including penalty payments, cancellation of the employer’s remaining quota of foreign workers and blacklisting the employer from any dealings with the Malaysian Immigration Department.

 “KDN and KSM are now not only chasing workers but will punish employers and agents to combat human exploitation in Malaysia.

“Not only that, the Madani Government will also hold a Special Meeting between the Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister of Human Resources on the Management of Foreign Workers on January 16,” he explained through his announcement.

 Said further, all these initiatives are in line with the concept of a Civil Malaysia without compromising the rule of law.

 “Foreign workers collect money to pay for permits. It is said that he got the opportunity to work in Malaysia. When it arrived, it seemed to be tricked. There is no work for them.

 “The loser? Foreign worker. Finished the cost to come to Malaysia and pay everything. But can’t work. The lucky ones? The ’employer’ who supposedly offers work,” he said.

 He explained that this act of cruel exploitation violates human rights and under the Madani Government, this exploitation will be stopped.

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