Dirty mamak restaurants in Malacca were ordered to close for 14 days

MELAKA: A mamak restaurant in Jalan Hang Tuah, here, was ordered to close for two weeks for operating in a dirty environment.

State Deputy Director of Health, Dorothy Dayang Henry Sum, said the 14 day closure order was issued after his side conducted a surprise inspection following complaints from the public.

He said the raid was also carried out following a 21 second viral video showing a restaurant employee urinating openly in the drain behind the premises selling the food.

“As a result of our inspection, we also issued four compound notices worth a total of RM1,500 for various offences.

The premises were ordered to be closed under Section 11 of the Food Act 1983 for being unclean, in addition to this premises also receiving a score of 64 percent below as a result of the assessment carried out by enforcement officers.

Dorothy Dayang said that her side also detected cigarette butts and that should not have happened since smoking is not allowed in the food preparation premises and must be three meters away from the last table.

“We also found that there are no toilets in this premises, the only ones available are in the store which is in the building next to the premises, but there is no water so the workers have to use toilets elsewhere,” he said.

He said that the restaurant had previously been ordered to close twice in 2022, however, it kept repeating the same mistake, therefore it was the responsibility of the owner and operator to ensure that their premises were clean at all times.

“Food premises that are found not to comply with the important elements of hygiene will be given guidance to take corrective action to improve the level of cleanliness and if still in breach, may be subject to closure orders under the relevant act,” he said.

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