Dead body of indian citizen recovered after he was missing for last few days

CAMERON HIGHLAND, OCTOBER 1, 2023 – Dead body of Indian citizen Nandan Suresh Nadkarni, 44, was successfully recovered using a PDRM helicopter and was then sent to Tanah Rata Hospital for the post-mortem process today.

 Earlier the victim was reported to have been found by the Rescue Team in the river area which is 600 meters from Kampung Atap, Perak.  JBPM Pahang Zone 3 Head, Mohd Zulfikrie Dzamby reported that his team first found a jacket and backpack believed to belong to the victim in the Perak border area at 0330 yesterday afternoon.

 According to him, the SAR team continued the search up to the river area before finding a dead body believed to be a victim stranded in the area.

 Due to the geographical conditions and rainy weather factors, the rescue team involved had to spend the night at the location and request air assistance to remove the victim from the location.

 The climber involved is believed to have left the hotel in Tanah Rata to climb Mount Jasar, around the morning of September 22.

 The victim checked into the hotel on September 19 and was supposed to check out on September 24 but disappeared after climbing Mount Jasar.

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