Kuala Lumpur City Hall Enforcement Department implemented the Bukit Bintang Parliamentary Special Action around the areas in Jalan Silang, Jalan Petaling and Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, 4 January 2024.

 This operation is led by YBrs.  TPj Noor Azman bin Mahlin Director of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall Enforcement Department together with the strength of 300 officers and members of the DBKL Enforcement.

 This special action involves the inspection of 110 business premises activities, peddling, sidewalk obstructions, foreign operator/helpers, unlicensed stalls, traffic obstructions, illegal advertisements, signs written in foreign languages, dirt and other general offenses that occur.

 As a result of this Special Operation, 29 business premises were taken action to move equipment that committed the offense of obstructing public places, premises operated by foreigners and 20 unlicensed hawkers were subject to confiscation of goods including 3 non-citizen hawkers.

 DBKL also issued 25 Technical Enforcement Notices and immediately took action to demolish connection structures in business premises that hang various accessories in public corridors, paths and roads and take down illegal advertisements and posters around the operating location.

 A total of 29 compound notices were also issued to the owners of business premises involving various offenses including operating without a license, employing foreigners, connection structures, obstructing public places, advertising without permission under the provisions of the Roads, Drains and Buildings Act 1974, the Local Government Act 1976, UUK Iklan (WPKL  ) 1982, the Hawker Licensing Act (WPKL) 2016, the Food Settlement Act (WPKL) 2016 and the Trade, Business and Industrial Licensing Act (WPKL) 2016.

 DBKL also towed 12 vehicles, transported 9 motorcycles and compounded 45 vehicles that committed various traffic obstruction offenses through the Road Traffic Act 1959 and the Road Transport Act 1987.

 All confiscated items and equipment are transferred to the Setor Siatan DBKL Jalan Lombong Taman Miharja Cheras and Towed Vehicle Depot Jalan Pahang for temporary storage records and documentation.

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