Kuala Lumpur City Hall through the Enforcement Department has implemented Special Actions on Foreigner Hawkers around Jalan Silang and Lebuh Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

 As a result of the monitoring and immediate actions carried out, 9 actions of confiscation and transfer of hawker goods were carried out under the offense of carrying out business activities without a license from the authorities through the provisions of UUK 3, the Bylaws for the Licensing of Hawkers (WPKL) 2016.

 DBKL also issued 35 compound notices for various offenses against vehicles that obstructed traffic around the Jalan Silang and Lebuh Pudu areas through the Road Transport Act 1987 and the Road Traffic Rules 1959.

 All confiscated items are transferred to Setor Seitaan DBKL Jalan Lombong Taman Miharja Cheras for record and documentation actions.

 Enforcement actions will continue from time to time in cooperation with other enforcement agencies after this.




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