Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) implemented Special Actions on the Activities of Unlicensed Hawkers and Foreign Hawkers around Jalan Haji Hussein and Jalan Ampang on Monday 29 January 2024.

This special action is done suddenly through inspections and enforcement actions on business and hawking activities such as food, drink and other activities that commit the offense of doing business without a license, misusing a license, obstructing business trade in public places and foreign hawkers.

Through special actions carried out, DBKL confiscated and moved items / equipment from public places against restaurant/stall owners, unlicensed hawkers who are nationals and unlicensed hawkers who are foreigners for offenses under the Roads, Drains and Buildings Act 1974 and UUK Hawker Licensing (WPKL) 2016.

This special action is
2nd time carried out at the same location (first operation last January 18).
Among the equipment confiscated are table chairs, folding umbrellas, electric scooters, steamboat vehicles (lolo) and others.

Seized goods and equipment are transferred to DBKL Jalan Lombong, Taman Miharja Cheras for temporary storage records and documentation.

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