Another ‘Mini Dhaka’ raided

Report : Mohd Haris Fadli Mohd Fadzil

Another ‘Mini Dhaka’ colony of illegal immigrants was raided near Jalan Aman Perdana, here, today.

490 illegal immigrants were arrested in an operation led by the Bukit Aman Undercover, Gambling and Crime Division (D7). General Operations Team (PGA) and Immigration Department of Selangor also participated in raid.

The five storey apartment surrounded by the industrial area was inhabited by foreigners who work in nearby factories.

There are even a handful of illegal immigrants who run retail shops. They sell products from their country of origin to meet the demands of foreign customers in the apartment.

A total of 300 members and fully armed police officers surrounded the residential area. Four of the eight blocks in the apartments were inspected.

The police carried out intelligence and monitoring for about a month in the area involved. The operation was initiated after receiving complaints and information from the public regarding the influx of foreigners.

During the raid, most of the Patis involved were early asleep and did not have time to escape, but there were also attempts by some Patis who climbed the roof and jumped into the ditch to avoid being caught.

Most of the foreigners lived between five to six person in a house, and even during the raid some of them slept in the kitchen.

Some Patis were found to be working in several factories located nearby and renting in the area. There are also employers who rent house units in the area to be used as accommodation for their workers.

A local resident, Wong, in his 40s, said the area began to be flooded with illegal immigrants a few years ago but claimed that the foreigners did not cause any problems.

“There are indeed many of them here, sometimes it seems like there are more of them than us (locals) here, but I am not sure of their actual number.

“They usually don’t bother the people here (locals) but the problem is that they are a bit dirty, that’s the only problem for me,” he said when met at the raid site.

Among those detained include citizens of Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Indonesia for overstaying, not having valid travel documents and other offences.

All Patis aged between 20 and 50 are expected to be taken to the Semenyih Immigration Depot after the documentation process is completed.

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