Another Mini Dhaka: Local residents are afraid of foreigners

The influx of foreigners in the area around Pangsapuri Baiduri, Bandar Tasik Kesuma near Beranang here is alleged to often create chaos and cause fear among local residents.

A resident who has lived here for more than 15 years, Syed Kadir Syed Abdullah, 33, said that the situation in the area became worse when the number of foreigners exceeded the local population.

In addition, Syed Kadir claimed that he also saw a bus full of foreigners taking them to one of the blocks here, last week.

“These people always fight and get drunk in the apartment area. We want to complain but are afraid because there are more of them. Recently, another bus arrived to deliver foreigners here.

“More worrying, some of them dare to disturb ‘virgins’ and local residents. We received many complaints through the Neighbors’ Neighborhood Committee (KRT),” he said.

He said this when he was found in an enforcement operation by the Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) at Baiduri Apartment, Bandar Tasik Kesuma near Beranang here, last night.

The operation, which started at 12 midnight, arrested 561 people, the majority of them were Bangladeshi and Myanmar nationals, at the location dubbed ‘Mini Dhaka’.

According to the private worker, the appearance of foreigners like ‘mushrooms growing after the rain’ also monopolized business in the area.

“Actually, all the business premises here are indeed controlled by them. There are only three local businesses. A few of them are also more ‘moneyed’ than us so some come out with Toyota Vellfire and Hilux cars.

“I hope after this, more operations will be made by the Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) because there are 26 blocks of these apartments. So, many more foreigners need to be checked,” he explained.

In addition, a resident of block F here, Abdul Halim Ariffin, 36, said that the dumping of foreigners in the apartment in question caused concern for the safety of his family.

“I am from Kelantan and have been living here for five years because I got a job offer in Kajang. Among the things I worry about the most is the safety of my wife and children.

“They also want to do activities such as playing with friends or neighbors but I often remind them not to go to blocks full of foreigners,” he said.

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