Another illegal immigrant died in road accident

Another illegal immigrant who escaped from the Bidor Immigration Depot, Tapah, died in a road accident last night, said Perak Police Chief Datuk Seri Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri.

Mohd Yusri said an accident occurred at KM 332.5 of the North-South Highway heading south at 9.20 last night, while three more illegal immigrants were arrested early this morning in the Tapah area, making the total number of arrests 54 as of 8 this morning.

“The victim was hit by a four wheel vehicle while walking. An investigation is being conducted under Section 41 (1) of the Road Transport Act (APJ) 1987,” he said in a statement.

He said all those arrested, including those who died, were Rohingya (Myanmar).

Meanwhile, Mohd Yusri said the body of the victim was sent to Tapah Hospital’s Forensic Unit for an autopsy.

He said immigration officers attended the hospital and confirmed that the victim was one of the migrants who escaped from the Bidor Temporary Immigration Depot.

“People who saw the incident are asked to come forward to give evidence and contact the investigating officer of the case Insp P. Prathiparaj from the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Division, IPD (District Police Headquarters) Tapah on 014-6178095,” he said.

Regarding the arrested prisoner, Mohd Yusri said at 9.45 last night as a result of information from the public, the police special operations team managed to arrest a man of Rohingya ethnicity in Felcra Jalan Kachu, Tapah.

He said the police special operations team also managed to arrest a Rohingya man at 3.35 this morning, while another Rohingya man was arrested at Batu Dua Jalan Pahang, Tapah at 3.55 this morning.

“The Perak PDRM calls on the public to cooperate in tracking the Rohingya ethnic detainees who escaped from the Bidor Immigration Detention Depot and also not to make any speculations that will further complicate the current situation.

“The success that we are very proud of throughout this operation is carried out with the number of arrests that have been made. The tracking and arresting operation will continue until a certain period,” he said.

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