Another group of foreigners without jobs present at the embassy in KL

A group of 28 workers are the latest group of migrant workers stranded in Pengerang, Johor, who are at risk of police arrest, after taking steps to try to resolve their lingering unemployment.

The group appeared at the Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur this morning and returned to Johor with few answers, following negotiations with employers.

A foreign worker told Naveedeseher that this was their third visit to the embassy and admitted they were losing hope that the embassy would intervene.

“We don’t believe they can do anything for us because repeated visits to the embassy have yielded no results,” said the worker, whose identity has been withheld to avoid a backlash from his employer.

These workers are among the hundreds of foreign workers stranded without jobs in Malaysia, despite being brought in through legal recruitment channels.

However, the employer, who declined to be named, attributed the delay in starting work to the training certification and special pass for construction workers.

“Certification under the CIDB, training with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and safety clearances at work sites have delayed the start of their work.

“They will be working in the oil and gas industry and the security clearance is very strict.

“We have explained this to the workers and 15 workers have started work and received their first month’s salary,” the employer told Naveedeseher.

The workers receive the minimum wage so that the company can provide full wages once they start working.

“We will also pay their unpaid salaries later,” said the employer when contacted.

He has also assured the workers that their passports will be returned and temporary jobs will be obtained while waiting for their passports.

“We will find temporary jobs for them and the workers will also be allowed to find temporary jobs,” said the employer.

The workers are among hundreds of unemployed foreign workers in Malaysia, despite being brought in through legal recruitment channels.

Naveedeseher discovered that some of them were brought in by companies that won import quotas for foreign workers through fraud.

On Dec 20, 171 migrant workers from Bangladesh were arrested when they tried to file a police report against their agent, who failed to get them jobs after three months in the country.

On Dec 25, Human Resources Minister Steven Sim said his ministry would summon the agencies involved in hiring those foreign workers.

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