Almost 100000 Malaysian tourists to Thailand

Unusual congestion occurred at ICQS Bukit Kayu Hitam since yesterday due to the school holidays, public holidays and weekend holidays. Since the start of the school holiday season last Friday, December 15, 2023, a total of 78,301 inbound and outbound travelers used the Bukit Kayu Hitam ICQS route and 4,379 via the Kota Putra ICQS to vacation in Thailand.

 According to Kedah State Immigration Director, Mohd Ridzzuan bin Mohd Zain, this congestion happened because the general public wanted to spend the holidays with their families. The preferred destination of this traveler is Hadyai which is a food heaven for tourists from Malaysia which is said to be cheaper and tastier.

 The Malaysian Immigration Department is always ready to receive tourists by opening 4 to 6 car counters depending on the current congestion.

 He believes that this congestion will continue to increase throughout the school holiday season and the Christmas holiday this weekend. He advised travelers to plan travel time and check travel documents in advance to avoid inconvenience.

 Source: FB JIM Kedah

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