A foreigner was being beaten by the restaurant staff

A video clip showing a man being beaten by several fast food restaurant workers went viral.

Although some tried to break up the fight, it seemed that they all refused to ‘let go’ of the man involved.

While the public around just looked, even a woman was seen sitting calmly as if nothing happened outside the fast food restaurant.

Through sharing X.com @nisarosdan, the man who got hit is a well-known foreigner in Bukit Bintang who often harasses female staff in the area.

He added that the foreign man once threatened to kill his colleague after being rejected and not treated after, often coming to the woman’s workplace to stalk her.

It is also understood that the foreign man was once put in prison.

There are those who sympathize with the beaten foreigners. They said, it is better not to use violence even if the man involved makes a mistake.

Netizens also asked the workers in the area to file a police report to prevent repeated disturbances in the future.

In the meantime, some agreed that the foreigners were beaten because there have been many incidents involving foreigners making trouble in this country.

As far as this article is written, the fast food restaurant has not issued any official statement regarding the video clip that went viral on social media at this time.

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