A foreign worker invited a local girl to have sex

The issue of foreigners making trouble in this country seems to have no end, which will definitely not only increase crime cases but also risk the safety of local people.

Recently, a foreign worker who was allegedly practicing a demoralized lifestyle, was shameless and dared to sexually harass a local young girl.

It is understood that the foreigner showed his private parts and wanted to invite her to have sex when making a video call with the young girl.

Angry by that, the young girl attacked the foreigner in a farmer’s market.

Through a 52-second viral video, the young girl denied that she was a girl friend of a foreigner, in addition to not practicing a perverted lifestyle despite having a gentle character.

At the same time, the foreigner was also heard apologizing to the young girl for his indecent behavior.

“Sorry? Do you remember me? You don’t know who I am anymore? You see me soft like this, but if you step on me near here, your face will break.

“Where are you going? Running away? Once again you video call and send me a picture of your private parts, your face is broken.

“Bulshit, you think I’m a prostitute?” shouted the young girl again.

The foreigner was then seen running away, in order to avoid being insulted by the young girl.

The exact time and location of the incident cannot be ascertained at this time.

Going to the comment section, the average local citizen urged the young girl to make a complaint to the authorities regarding the incident.

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