A foreign man was arrested for stealing a motorcycle

MUKAH, March 6: A foreign man suspected of being involved in a motorcycle theft case here was arrested after riding a motorcycle without a registration number yesterday afternoon.

Mukah District Police Chief, DSP Muhamad Rizal Alias said, the 47 year old man was arrested at about 5pm last Monday.

He said, the suspect was seen riding a motorcycle without a registration number near a palm oil processing factory on Jalan Mukah – Selangau.

The result of the inspection found that the Honda EX5 model motorcycle was reported missing in front of a business premises in the town of Mukah on January 14.

“Suspects who failed to submit valid travel documents were remanded for 14 days starting March 5 to complete the investigation. This case is being investigated under section 379 A of the Penal Code,” he said in a statement today.

He said, if convicted, the man could be sentenced to a prison term of not less than one year or not more than seven years and could also be fined.

He said, this case is also investigated under section 6(1)(C) of the Immigration Act 1959/63 which can be punished under section 6(3) of the same Act which provides for a fine of RM 10,000 or imprisonment for five years or both and can be subjected to six lashes.

“Previously, IPD Mukah also managed to arrest a foreign man suspected of being involved in the case of the loss of three motorcycles in this district,” he said.

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