A female immigration officer was injured when a foreigner tried to escape

Seremban: A female officer of the Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) was injured after being run over by a foreigner who was trying to escape during an inspection at a food court near Rasah, here, yesterday.

It caused the female officer in her 30s to fall and injure her knee in addition to tearing her uniform pants in that part.

The Myanmar man tried to run away, but was caught about 100 meters from the location.

Director of JIM Negeri Sembilan, Kennith Tan Ai Kiang, said the incident occurred during Ops Selera and Ops Gegar which were carried out at four locations in Seremban from 9am to 7pm yesterday.

“A total of 19 officers from the Negeri Sembilan JIM Enforcement Division led by myself were involved in the operation.

“During the operation at one of the raid locations, a female officer was slightly injured after being run over by a foreign man who was trying to escape.

“Our team managed to arrest the man in the bush about 100 meters from the scene,” he said in a statement today.

He said that the female officer was fortunate to only be slightly injured.

He said, a total of 65 foreigners were examined and as a result a total of 43 illegal immigrants (Pati) aged between 17 and 47 were arrested for various immigration offences.

“They consist of 34 men and seven women from Myanmar and two women from Thailand.

“They were sent and detained at the Lenggeng Immigration Depot for further action,” he said.

He said that a total of five Summons Forms for Witnesses to appear at the office were issued to individuals in the operation to assist the investigation.

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