9 foreigners were arrested in Ops Hijau at the nursery

JOHOR BAHRU: The Malaysian Immigration Department Johor arrested nine foreigners suspected of working without valid permits and overstaying in Malaysia, in a raid on a nursery in Iskandar Puteri, here, yesterday.

Ops Hijau was carried out at about 10.40am by a team from the Department’s Power Reinforcement Division after receiving a public complaint alleging that there were foreigners working without passes or permits at the location involved.

Director of Johor Immigration, Baharuddin Tahir, said 26 foreigners were examined in the operation including six Indonesian men and one woman and two Myanmar men aged between 28 and 48 were arrested.

“All arrested foreigners were reasonably believed to have committed an offense under Section 6(1)(c) of the Immigration Act 1959/63 (Act 155) for failing to present any valid travel documents.

“They are also being investigated according to Section 15(1)(c) of the same act for overstaying in Malaysia,” he said in a statement today.

In addition, he said, a local man was also given a notice to appear at the Johor Immigration office to assist with the investigation.

In other developments, Baharuddin said, his side continues to intensify enforcement and operations in hot locations around Muar and Mersing.

He said, nine premises in Muar and two premises in Endau, Mersing, were inspected in Ops Sapu, Ops Shopping, Ops Oil, Ops Picking, Ops Mahir and Ops Pelantar, yesterday.

“Teams from the Muar Branch and Mersing Branch Power Reinforcement Unit raided several premises from about 10.30am to 7pm yesterday.

“Action was taken following public information received alleging that there were foreigners violating the terms of the pass at the premises involved.

“In the operation, a total of 80 foreigners were examined and eight of them were arrested, involving four Bangladeshi men, two Myanmar men, a Nepali man and a Vietnamese man aged between 22 and 38 years old. Five notices to appear at the office were also issued to assist the investigation, ” he said.

He said, those detained are believed to have committed an offense under Regulation 39(b) of the Immigration Regulations 1963, which is to violate the conditions of the passport set, in addition to being investigated in accordance with Section 6(1)(c) and Section 15(1)(c) ) Act 155.

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