75 illegal foreigners arrested in immigration operation

MELAKA – Two Bangladeshi and Indonesian foreigners were trying to hide under a shared house when a raid was carried out by the Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) Melaka in Ops Sapu at the construction site of Limbongan, Klebang Besar.

The 24-year-old Indonesian man who claimed that his permit had expired gave the excuse that he was surprised by the presence of law enforcement, causing him to act in such a way to escape.

Director of JIM Melaka, Anirwan Fauzee Mohd Aini said, apart from that, his officers were also hit by illegal aliens who tried to escape through the rat road but managed to get caught.

According to him, the operation with the strength of 59 officers and members was carried out following receiving complaints from the public as well as intelligence conducted over the past two weeks.

He said, in two raids carried out in Klebang Besar and the Krubong shared house, 75 illegal foreigners were arrested for various immigration offences, including 65 men and 10 women aged between 20 and 50.

“We have also issued 11 witness summons to assist the investigation and all the detained illegal aliens have been placed at the Machap Umboo Immigration Depot for investigation and further action,” he told reporters after the operation.

In the meantime, Anirwan Fauzee said, the initial investigation also found that among the offenses committed were no valid travel documents, staying overtime, misusing passports and other offenses under the Immigration Act and Regulations.

“The investigation is conducted in accordance with Section 6(1)(c); Section 15(1)(c) Section 56(1)(l) of the Immigration Act as well as 1959/63, Regulation 39(B) of the Immigration Regulations 1963,” he said in the operation that ended at 3 o’clock in the morning.

He added that based on last year’s statistics, JIM Melaka had carried out 614 operations and checked a total of 5,159 foreigners, of which 1,529 individuals and 31 employers had been arrested.

“During that period, a total of 663 individuals, including 639 PATIs and 24 employers, were charged in court in addition to compound collection amounting to more than RM1 million,” he said.

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