66 foreigners working without permits were arrested

JOHOR BAHRU – A total of 66 foreigners, including four local employers, were arrested by the Johor Immigration Department (JIM) in Ops Gegar throughout the state, yesterday.

Director of JIM Johor, Baharuddin Tahir said, acting on public information, his party raided 34 premises including massage parlours, entertainment centers and restaurants suspected of employing foreign workers without valid passports.

He said the two day operation was carried out by a team of officers from the State Enforcement Division assisted by enforcement officers from the Segamat, Batu Pahat, Mersing and Muar branches.

“A total of more than 324 foreigners including local citizens were examined during the operation. Total number of detainees involved five Thai men and 37 Thai women, seven Myanmar men, four Vietnamese women, one Indonesian man and two women, two Chinese women, two Sri Lankan men and one woman and one Bangladeshi men,” he told reporters today.

Baharuddin said that all those detained were between 18 to 54 years old.

He added that four local men believed to be caretakers of the premises aged between 21 to 43 were arrested.

The results of the initial investigation found that all those detained misused Social Visit Passes (PLS) and Temporary Work Visit Passes (PLKS) and overstayed in Malaysia.

“All those detained are believed to have committed an offense under Section 6(1)(c) which is not having any valid passport or permit to be in Malaysia,” he said.

He said that all detainees were placed at the Pekan Nenas Immigration Depot, Pontian for investigation and further action

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