628 foreigners from various countries were checked during immigration raid

SEREMBAN: A foreign woman jumped from the second floor while trying to escape the Malaysian Immigration Department operation. JIM conducted a raid in a shophouse area in Seremban 2 here last night.

As a result, the 35-year-old Myanmar woman suffered head and knee injuries and had to be treated by members of the Malaysian Civil Defense Force (APM) who participated in the operation.

In addition, there are also among these foreigners who hide in the ceiling and even endanger themselves by climbing the roof of the three-story building in their effort to escape from arrest.

Director of JIM Negeri Sembilan, Kennith Tan Ai Kiang, said that the operation was the result of intelligence and also complaints from the public regarding the area in question where the majority of foreigners are from various countries.

We have received public information and complaints regarding the presence of foreigners in this area, 99 percent of those who live here are foreigners. During the raid we found that the top floor of the shophouse building had been used as accommodation for foreign workers.

“These foreigners are believed to be working around the accommodation area because there are several premises such as shopping centers and rows of shops in addition to some working in factories and in the construction sector,” he told reporters after the implementation of Operation Bersepadu Series 1/2024 in Seremban 2 in here.

He meanwhile said that a total of 628 foreigners, including five baby girls, were checked in the operation and of that number, a total of 110 people were arrested, consisting of 91 males and 18 females. He said that all the foreigners who were detained and examined were from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Among the offenses found from the inspection of these foreigners are no identification documents and overstaying.

Other offenses committed are also under Section 55E of the Immigration Act which is allowing illegal immigrants to enter and stay on the premises and Section 56 (1)(d) which is the offense of sheltering illegal immigrants.

“All illegal immigrants will be taken to the Lenggeng Immigration Depot for screening and further investigation,” he added.

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