58 illegal foreigners were arrested by immigration

The Sarawak Immigration Department (JIMS) has successfully arrested a total of 58 Illegal Immigrants (PATI) in an Enforcement Operation on 08 March 2024. This operation was carried out at 12:15 in the morning around Miri City.

The operation was succeeded with the strength of 60 officers of various ranks from the Enforcement Division of the Malaysian Immigration Department of the State of Sarawak.

Acting on information from intelligence, OPS SAPU was launched on several foreigners’ settlements where there is the presence of foreigners suspected of working without valid passports, abusing passports and overstaying in Malaysia without valid travel documents.

Those arrested are Filipinos and Indonesians. A total of 58 people were arrested, consisting of 20 men, 14 women, 24 babies and children.

Operations like this will also be conducted throughout Sarawak as an effort to curb the entry of foreign nationals who are in our country without valid travel documents or work permits.

The Immigration Department also calls on the public to cooperate with the department by channeling information regarding the whereabouts of foreigners who are suspected of not having any valid travel documents or work permits.

Among the offenses identified are no identity documents, overstaying, and other offenses that violate the Immigration Act 1959/63, the Passport Act 1966 and the Immigration Regulations 1963.

All detainees are placed at Bekenu Immigration Detention Depot, Miri for investigation purposes and further action.


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