BERANANG, 19 January 2024 – The Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) arrested 561 illegal immigrants (PATI) in an integrated enforcement operation carried out at Baiduri Apartments, Bandar Tasik Kesuma, Beranang tonight.

All those detained are citizens of Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, Sierra Leone and Cameroon aged between 3 months to 55 years.

The operation which started at 11.00 pm was led by Dato’ Ruslin bin Jusoh, Director General of Immigration. JIM examined 752 individuals following public complaints about suspected illegal immigrants living in the residential area.

There are foreigners trying to escape from operatives and the raid area is an apartment-type area inhabited by almost 80 percent foreigners. The accommodation is also quite crowded and dirty. This also creates a feeling of insecurity and discomfort in other residents, especially the home owners who live in this area.

A total of 455 JIM officers of various ranks were involved in the operation which was also assisted by 60 General Operations Force (PGA) officers, 12 National Registration Department (JPN) officers and five members of the Malaysian Civil Defense Force (APM).

Also present, Tuan Jafri bin Embok Taha, Deputy Director General of Immigration (Operations); Datu Ken Anak Leben, Deputy Director General of Immigration (Control); Tuan Mohd Jasmi bin Mohd Juwahir, Director of the Enforcement Division; Tuan Khairrul Aminus bin Kamaruddin, Selangor State Immigration Director and Tuan Wan Mohammed Saupee bin Wan Yusoff, Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory State Immigration Director.

Among the offenses committed are no identity documents, overstaying and other offenses that violate the Immigration Act 1959/63. All detainees are placed at the Bukit Jalil Immigration Depot for investigation and further action.

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