34 illegal foreigners arrested by immigration

KOTA BHARU: The Malaysian Immigration Department Kelantan arrested a total of 34 illegal immigrants aged between one to 47 years old.

Ops Sapu which started at 9 am was successful with the strength of 16 officers of various ranks.

JIM director, Mohd Faizal Shamsudin said, a total of 34 foreigners were arrested for various offenses as a result of inspections carried out on 40 illegal immigrants.

The detained illegal foreigners involved 23 men, women (4), boys (2), girls (5). All those arrested are citizens of Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India and Thailand.

“We urge the public to come forward and pass on information about PATI or any illegal activities of foreigners,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

According to him, strict action without compromise will be taken against any party that masterminds, facilitates and colludes in protecting PATI.

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