33 foreign workers were stranded for the second time at KLIA

The dream of 33 foreign workers from India to work in Malaysia was not fulfilled after the alleged employer did not show up to pick them up at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), yesterday.

Even more disappointing, this is the second time in a month that the employer allegedly did not show up to pick up his employees.

“The first time some of us came to Malaysia was on Jan 14. A worker from India told the media.

“But, after we got off at KLIA, the immigration officer told us we had to be sent home because the employer did not come to pick us up,” said an Indian individual who only wanted to be known as Kumaresan who is currently at KLIA.

He said, they returned the next day (Jan 15) by buying tickets using their own money.

According to Kumaresan, then an agent from India contacted them and told them that the employer is now ready to take them back to work in Malaysia.

“Yesterday, 33 of us came to KLIA and were surprised when the employer did not come again.

“This is not fair to us and the employer should be punished and bear the cost we spend to come and be sent home.

“If possible we don’t want to go home, we came to Malaysia legally and we want to work here. We have spent a lot to work in Malaysia,” he said.

Not our employees

When contacted, a representative of the company said that he did not apply for the hiring of the employees.

“Actually, our company’s FWCMS account has been hacked twice by untraceable parties.

“We have made a report to the Ministry of Human Resources (KSM), the Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) and the police.

“We are not asking to bring any workers,” said the manager of the company’s human resources department based in Senai, Johor.

According to the manager, on January 1, 2024, he found that the company’s VDR (Visa With Reference) had been hacked to bring in 77 foreign workers from India.

“We also found that there was an addition of a foreign name as a company representative in the company’s E-PLKS system.

“The company immediately filed a complaint with the Johor Bahru Malaysian Immigration Department on the same day. A police report was also made on the same day,” he said.

The company’s representative also said the second case happened on 14 Jan 2024 when it was found that 33 Indian foreign workers arrived at KLIA again using the company’s VDR.

He said, he immediately made a police report on the same day at KLIA.

“Furthermore, on Feb 1 we found that 31 Indian foreign worker permits had been printed. We found this out through a check from the eservices.imi.gov.my system.

“This matter is very disappointing because we have put in a lot of effort so that the party cannot proceed to the next step. This is the second hacking,” he said.

He said that since 28 December 23, the company has made many complaints and reports to the police, FWCMS Putrajaya, Johor Bahru Immigration Department, KLIA Immigration, Putrajaya Immigration, the Ministry of Human Resources (KSM) Putrajaya, the Indian Embassy in Malaysia and also the Malaysian Consulate in Chennai, India.

Meanwhile, the operator of the FWCMS system, Bestinet, said his party gave an assurance to provide full cooperation if needed to resolve the issue.

When contacted, Chief Executive Officer Ismail Mohd Noor said Bestinet regrets the actions of those who take advantage and break the law and cause problems for the authorities and foreign workers.

“Bestinet confirms that there are no technical problems in the Foreign Worker Centered Management System (FWCMS) that have been identified,” he said.

According to him, after the first case in January, Bestinet cooperated with the authorities regarding the issue of misuse of the company’s name in the recruitment of foreign workers and submitted the FWCMS system records, MyImms and the list of visa approval numbers to the police.

“Our findings show that there is a dubious addition of individuals as company representatives in the MyIMMS system.

“FWCMS is not allowed to add company representatives directly in the system.

“The addition of company representatives is only allowed in the MyIMMS and FWCMS systems only using the information after it has been downloaded,” he said.

He added that Bestinet has also handed over to the police to investigate and take further action against individuals who are additional nominees and identify any violations of the law that may occur in this issue.

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