32 foreigners arrested in immigration operation

 Six rental houses, two oil palm collection centers and a restaurant around the Bera district were raided by the Malaysian Immigration Department of the State of Pahang in OP Sapu and Selera in the early morning of 13/12/2023.

 As a result of the operation, a total of 39 foreigners were examined. 32 of them consisting of 27 Indonesian citizens and 5 Thai citizens were arrested for various offenses under the Immigration Act.

 Among the violations detected in the operation against illegal immigrants (PATI) included not having a valid passport, staying beyond the permitted time limit and misusing the issued passport.

 The operation which consisted of 20 officers started at 1.00 am and ended at 4.10 am.

 All foreigners arrested were taken to the Kemayan Immigration Detention Depot for further investigation.

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