30 illegal foreigners were detained

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) detained 30 foreigners who did not have valid travel documents in Op Kutip around the Kuala Terengganu City Council Bus Stop (MBKT) here today.

According to Terengganu JIM Director, Azhar Abd. Hamid, the arrest involved 15 Bangladeshis, seven Nepalese, five Indonesians including a woman, two Myanmar nationals and one from India.

According to him, out of that number, 18 of them were found to have committed an offense under Section 15(1)(c) of the Immigration Act 1959/63, which is overstaying in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, he said, a total of 12 other foreigners were arrested because they were found to be living in Malaysia without valid documents to enter and being in this country is an offense under Section 6(1)(c) of the same act.

“Today’s operation at the MBKT Bus Stop is the second since last Wednesday as a result of complaints from the public and we found that many foreigners gather here at the weekend to look for necessities.

“JIM Terengganu has checked 220 individuals and 30 of them aged in their 30s to 50s were found to have violated the offense of over staying and not having valid documents.

“This is the 32nd operation during these five days and will continue as a reminder to foreigners to obey the rules in Malaysia as well as to employers to employ legal workers,” he stressed.

In the same development, Azhar advised employers in all sectors including construction and plantation to cooperate with JIM.

According to him, there is still time for employers registered with the Workforce Recalibration Program to hire legal workers before the period to do so closes in the near future.

He said, it is to ensure that foreign workers can work safely and have employment or travel documents registered with the authorities.

“JIM identified three popular offenses among foreign workers, which are over staying, not having valid documents and violating the permit rules given to them.

“Employers also need to play a role and cooperate by only hiring registered workers so that the regulations in our country are not violated,” he added.

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