232 PATI live in a semi finished terraced house

MELAKA – A total of 232 illegal immigrants (PATI) were arrested by the Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) in an Integrated Operation at Tiang Dua here early this morning.

In the raid from 11pm to 3am, a total of 356 foreigners were checked. A total of 232 foreign nationals between the ages of 24 to 70 were arrested for various immigration offences.

The director of JIM Melaka, Anirwan Fauzee Mohd Aini told media that foreigners arrested consist of 82 Indonesian men and 12 women, 134 Bangladeshi men, one Pakistani and three Myanmar men.

During the raid there was an incident where some PATI tried to escape by hiding in the drain and hiding under the shared house.

“In addition, there are some foreigners living in semi-finished terrace houses at the housing project site, which may be caused by shared houses that are not enough,” he said at a press conference after leading the operation this morning.

According to him, the operation involved a total of 160 officers and members from JIM Putrajaya, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan, the National Registration Department and the Civil Defense Force.

Anirwan said that the foreigners were investigated according to Section 6(1)(c) AI 1959/63 for failing to present valid travel document and Section 15(1)(c) of the same act for overstaying.

He added that all detainees brought will be housed at the Immigration Detention Depot, Machap Umboo.

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