220 ‘hotspots’ of foreigners in the Immigration radar

KUALA LUMPUR – A total of 220 ‘hotspot’ locations of illegal immigrants (PATI) have been identified across the country, said Director-General of Immigration, Datuk Ruslin Jusoh.

The location criteria include areas where foreigners gather, owners and workers of business premises and illegal settlements.

“For example, hot spots in the capital are around Jalan Silang and Bukit Bintang, but it is also detected in other states.

“The majority of hotspots are settlements that are either illegally built or rented apart from workplaces and businesses,” he said at a special press conference at the JIM Kuala Lumpur Headquarters here, today.

He said, JIM receives many complaints from residents or community leaders who are worried about the dumping of foreigners.

He explained that JIM is concerned about the report and will ensure that foreigners will not be comfortable staying illegally.

“Many hotspots are on our radar throughout the country. Wait for your time time (raid). we (immigration) never sleep, when they (PATI) sleep we come.

“We don’t want them (PATI) to be free to move as they please while they are committing an offense (under the immigration act),” he said.

Commenting further, Ruslin stressed that his party will not compromise with any local employer who employs PATI.

Based on statistics, from January 1 to 16, JIM carried out 714 operations and carried out 7,571 inspections of foreigners.

“As a result of that action, a total of 3,261 PATIs were arrested in addition to the arrest of 35 employers,” he said.

He stressed that continuous operations will be carried out with the cooperation of all agencies including local authorities.

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