The Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) has raided 17 entertainment premises in a Special Operation conducted on 8 March 2024 in locations around Kuantan, Pahang.

The operation started at 11.00 pm involving a team of officers and members of various ranks from the Intelligence and Special Operations Division, Immigration Headquarters Putrajaya in collaboration with JIM Negeri Pahang. The operation was also joined by the Special Tactical Team (PASTAK), JIM Negeri Perlis, JIM Negeri Perak and JIM Negeri Sembilan.

The operation was conducted based on complaints and intelligence conducted by the Intelligence and Special Operations Division, Immigration Headquarters Putrajaya for 3 weeks.

Based on the information obtained, the operation team has been arranged to move to 17 premises consisting of 4 premises of entertainment centers, 9 premises of night clubs (pubs) and 4 premises of prostitution.

The operation team has detained 103 Thai women, 2 Laotian women, 11 Vietnamese women, 2 Myanmar women, 2 Indonesian women, 5 Myanmar men, 1 Indonesian man, 11 Bangladeshi men and 3 male Chinese nationals aged between 19 to 49 years old.

While 11 Malaysian men who acted as caretakers of the premises aged between 25 to 46 years old were also arrested. A total of 151 people have been detained.

The preliminary review found that 67 female Thai citizens, 2 female Laotian citizens, 10 female Vietnamese citizens, 2 female Myanmar citizens, 3 female Indonesian citizens and 10 male Bangladeshi citizens who were detained in possession of Social Visit Passes (PLS) and The Temporary Work Visit Pass (PLKS) which is still valid while others do not have any valid travel documents or passports to be in this country.

The operation team confiscated a number of condoms, premises documents, business records, premises keys, sex equipment, 67 copies of Thai passports, 2 copies of Lao passports, 10 copies of Vietnamese passports, 2 copies of Myanmar passports, 3 copies of Indonesian passports, 10 copies of Bangladeshi passports, money cash amounting to RM7880.00, 21 mobile phone units, lubricating gel, tips bracelet, towel and closed circuit camera (CCTV) equipment.

The modus operandi at this entertainment center is to promote foreign women by using their photos through social media applications. Selected foreign women will be managed by Malaysian men who are believed to be caretakers of the premises before customers go to the rooms provided. The fee charged to customers at the premises ranges from RM300.00 to RM400.00 depending on the package offered. The payment mode used for this transaction is online or in cash before the foreign woman is handed over to the customer.

In addition, the modus operandi used in prostitution premises is that customers will come to the premises themselves and choose foreign women based on the catalog provided. After the customer has made a selection of the woman he wants to subscribe to, the customer will be taken to a special room provided. Payment in cash to the caretaker of the premises when the customer starts to enter the room. The fee charged ranges from RM250.00 to RM350.00 per hour.

During the raid, there were secret rooms inside the premises believed to be the location for foreign nationals to hide when raided by the authorities. There was a foreign national man who was in the premises trying to escape by jumping from the second floor of the premises and fell causing injuries. The officers acted quickly to contact the Malaysian Civil Defense Force (APM) for further treatment.

All foreign nationals were arrested on suspicion of having committed an offense under the Immigration Act 1959/63, the Passport Act 1966 and the Immigration Regulations 1963 and then brought to the Pahang State JIM for further action. While 11 male Malaysian citizens were arrested on suspicion of committing an offense under Sec.56(1)(d) of the Immigration Act 1959/63. A total of 40 Malaysian citizens were given a Notice to appear at the office to assist in the investigation.

The Department will continue to take strict action against any party found to have committed an offense under the Immigration Act 1959/63, the Passport Act 1966, the Immigration Regulations 1963 and the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Migrant Smuggling Act 2007 (ATIPSOM).


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