15 years in front of a dreamy flood, tired!

SETIU, TERENGGANU – A total of 10 families in Kampung Nyatoh here, are tired of dealing with the phenomenon of dreamy floods every monsoon season for the past 15 years.

 The phenomenon of flooding that is difficult to recede and lasts for half a month makes them the longest resident of a temporary evacuation center (PPS) almost every year.

 A resident, Ismail Ishak, 66, claimed that the dreamy flooding problem started happening since Jalan Penarik which is one of the main access roads to Kota Bharu, Kelantan was upgraded in 2008.

 “The upgrading project caused the route to become higher than before, causing the overflow of rainwater to flow down to our village, especially in the monsoon season.

 “The situation caused the flood that hit our house to recede and this phenomenon usually lasts between 12 to 14 days,” he claimed when met at PPS Surau Kampung Nyatoh here yesterday.

 Ismail’s family was one of 10 families who had to move to PPS after their respective houses were flooded at 8pm last Friday.

 Ismail said that they suffered too many losses due to the flash floods every year.

 Agreeing with Ismail, Maihairiam Sulong, 67, said that even though they are tired, those who are mostly elderly have no choice but to continue living at home because that is the only land and shelter they have.

 “Let’s not want to save property, wade through the flood to save ourselves, we have no power,” he claimed.

 In this regard, he appealed to the authorities to help find a way to overcome the problem of the dreamy flood that has plagued them for a long time.

 Source: KOSMO


 December 18, 2023

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