131 Immigrants escaped detention center, 4 re-arrested

Putrajaya: Four of the 131 detainees who escaped from the Temporary Immigration Detention Depot (DTI) in Bidor, Perak, have been successfully arrested this afternoon.

The Director General of the Malaysian Immigration Department, Datuk Ruslin Jusoh said that the four foreigners were arrested through a special operation.

He said that the escaped prisoners were placed in three of the five blocks at the depot which had a total of 556 foreign nationals.

“In the incident between 9.30 to 10 p.m., the detainees are believed to have rammed the iron grating en masse before passing the security fence and exiting the depot.

“Those who fled consisted of 115 ethnic Rohingya, 15 Myanmar nationals and one Bangladeshi. Of that number, 57 people were from the first block while 37 were from the second and fourth blocks respectively,” he said in a press conference.

Commenting further, he said that during the incident two members of the Malaysian Volunteer Department (Rela) were beaten and several other officers were also pelted with stones.

Ruslin said that efforts to track down the remaining prisoners who escaped with the cooperation of all security agencies including the police, General Recording Team and JIM involved the strength of 387 officers and members.

“We are still sure that they did not go far and were hiding within the area in the district. They may be planning to move tonight and in small groups. So at the moment officers and members are actively tracking all the detainees around Bidor,” he said.

Asked how the prisoners were able to escape and armed with stones, he did not rule out the possibility that their actions were planned.

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