13 illegal foreigners arrested while playing football

KUALA TERENGGANU: A group of foreigners who were playing football tried to escape after being raided by the authorities in an operation carried out at the Tok Jembal football field, Kuala Nerus on Friday afternoon.

However, the group of foreigners could not escape as the entire area was surrounded by law enforcement officers to arrest them for inspection purposes.

Terengganu Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) director Azhar Abd Hamid said a total of 59 foreigners from several countries such as Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan and Indonesia were examined in the operation.

“Out of that number, a total of 13 foreign men were arrested for committing an offense under Section 6(1)(c), which is not having an identity document,” he told reporters at a press conference at Wisma Persekutuan near here on Sunday.

Commenting further, Azhar said that a total of 54 foreigners from Bangladesh, Myanmar and Cambodia were also detained at the Road Transport Department (JPJ) hall, Bukit Kecil, near here.

He stated that out of that number, a total of six foreigners were arrested for committing an offense under Section 6(1)(c) i.e. no identity document and Section 15(1)(c) i.e. overstaying.

“All those detained have been placed at the Ajil Immigration Depot for investigation and further action,” he said.

Meanwhile, Azhar said that a total of 5,656 foreigners had been checked throughout Terengganu last year.

According to him, out of that number, a total of 1,226 people have been detained for various offenses that violate the Immigration Act.

“In addition, we have also managed to send 2,132 foreigners detained at the Ajil Immigration Depot to their respective countries of origin,” he explained.

In the meantime, Azhar stated that the main focus of JIM Terengganu this year is to intensify enforcement actions to ensure that foreigners working in Terengganu have complete documents and do not reside illegally in the state.

“We also request all employers who register for the Workforce Recalibration Program (RTK) 2.0 to immediately carry out the verification process of their foreign workers as soon as possible.

“If they fail to do so, strict action will be imposed on them according to the law,” he said

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