120 prostitutes, GRO arrested in Kuantan

KUANTAN – A total of 120 prostitutes and customer service girls (GRO) among 140 foreigners were arrested by the Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) in raids carried out at 17 entertainment premises around the city last night.

The Deputy Director General (Operations) of JIM, Jafri Embok Taha, said that 11 local men aged between 25 and 46 who were caretakers of the premises were also arrested, bringing the total number of arrests to 151 people.

Out of the number of those arrested, 103 women are Thai citizens, 11 Vietnamese women and two women each from Laos, Myanmar and Indonesia.

“Also arrested were five Myanmar nationals, one Indonesian national, 11 Bangladeshi nationals and three Chinese nationals.

“The results of the initial review found that 94 of those detained have valid Social Visit Passes (PLS) and Temporary Work Visit Passes (PLKS) while the rest do not have any valid travel documents or passports to be in the country,” he said.

According to him, the operation which started at 11pm was based on complaints and intelligence from the Intelligence and Special Operations Division, Immigration Headquarters Putrajaya for three weeks.

He said the operation involved the Intelligence and Special Operations Division, Immigration Headquarters Putrajaya in collaboration with JIM Negeri Pahang and the Special Tactical Team (Pastak) of JIM State Perlis, JIM State Perak and JIM Negeri Sembilan.

“Based on the information obtained, the operation team has been arranged to move to 17 premises consisting of four entertainment center premises, nine night club premises and four prostitution premises,” he said.

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