1,000 police surrounded ‘mini Dhaka’ at Jalan Silang

KUALA LUMPUR: About 1,000 members and police officers of the General Operations Force (PGA) surrounded the ‘mini Dhaka’ in a special operation against foreigners at Jalan Silang here, today.

 The siege began at 11 am to attack the influx of foreigners who were seen to be increasingly ‘big-headed’ opening businesses other than ‘acting’ like locals.

Utusan Malaysia reporters who also followed the operation found members and police officers in full security uniforms armed with special equipment began to break into every premises involving four blocks on the road.

 It is understood that the raid was to deal with the influx of foreigners in Jalan Silang and businesses owned and employing foreigners.

 It is understood that most of the foreigners including Bangladeshi, Nepalese and Myanmar nationals failed to escape after the sudden siege was made.

  An inspection at one of the premises found that foreigners running a travel agency business were also offering private clinic services.

  Various types of medicines were also found to be believed to be from Bangladesh without the approval of the Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM).

 However, when the inspection was carried out the premises were unoccupied.

 In fact, the raid also found premises used as rental rooms in a scattered, dirty and disgusting condition believed to be inhabited by foreigners.

 It is understood that as of 1pm, at least 500 foreigners were detained before being taken to the Kuala Lumpur Police Training Center (Pulapol) for the documentation review process.

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